Second go at Module 2

And I failed again!!! :(

Why is this bike test so hard to pass? I took my test again about a week ago and I failed again. Very cautious following on from my last test I rode up to the test centre with my instructor and another bike learner.

Most of my riding following my instructor or the other learner was fine however I was struggling with the individual riding. I screwed so many times on the roundabouts that I thought to myself there’s no way I’m going to the pass the test today. I will not only fail my test but I’ll also probably run get run over on a roundabout while taking my test :(

Amazingly however as if by magic on the actual test I was much more calmer and actually handled the roundabouts really well. The reason I failed my test this time was because I failed to stop at a zebra crossing where an old man was waiting to cross, where as my instructor who was following me stopped to let the old man cross. As soon as I realized that I knew that was my fate decided! Fail

Pedestrian Crossing - Examiners take pedestrian crossings very seriously. Zebra crossings, being a give way, you are required to give way not only to those on the crossing but also those that show intention of crossing. A common fault here is failing to plan ahead and therefore not seeing the crossing until too late. Overall faults in this box tend to be serious.

Apart from not stopping at the zebra crossing my overall test went really well, and I was hoping that the examiner will ignore my school boy error at the zebra crossing. Finally at the end of the test the examiner asked me to follow him inside the test centre where he gave me the sad news. I had failed :(

To sum up the examiner failed me with 1 serious fault:

  1. Pedestrian Crossing

and 3 minor faults:

  1. Clearance/ obstructions
  2. Junctions – turning right x 2

Failing this test the second time has driven my imagination so far.. that I’ve ended up on controversial conspiracy forums accusing the Govt of deliberately failing people on the bike test to keep them off the road :p

But I don’t think there’s any controversy here, it is simple – you make a serious mistake and you are destined to fail. The instructors are just doing their job and following the rule book! Although I do feel that a lot of the test is about your luck with other road users on the day. It’ll be nice if other road users would just stay at home when I’m taking my test next time :p

Of course I’ve not giving up and I’m going to take my test the third time soon…

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